Nepal is the homeland of world famous Gurkhas and country of  Great Himalayas it  is a developing  mountains  land  locked  country situated  between China and  India  with a  population  of nearly  20 million people. Predominantly being an agricultural country above 81 percent of total population is engaged in agriculture.  Nepal abundant in natural resources and very beautiful country by natural, because of which tourism is rapidly developing along with its unique culture and tradition.
Historical  Background

Nepal started to provide labour forces to overseas countries since the last century shows that the British hired Nepalese Gurkhas to join their military forces and established. The first Gurkhas Regiment in 1815. Since that period Britain and India have regularly being recruiting thousands of Nepalese Gurkhas every year for their special Gurkhas Regiments. The brave Gurkhas were awarded many Victoria crosses (V.C.) and have continued to enjoy highest reputation for their vigor and quality all over the world.
KSA Int’l Group (Pvt.) Ltd.
Foreign Employment Agencies

We feel very proud to introduce our company. This is the only Manpower Agencies in Nepal dealing with the overseas employment for Nepalese workers. Our company comprises of 27 companies and private firms that are currently engaged in supplying various categories of manpower personnel in overseas countries. Our company is duly recognized and authorized by His Majesty’s Government of Nepal and is well organized and financially sounds.

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