Why you should hire Nepalese Manpower
Nepalese workers are well known for their hard work, loyalty, discipline and high sense of responsibilities. They are equally competent, very honest, peaceful and very hospitable people. Nepalese workers are reputed for hard work obedient, dutiful and most loyal to their employers. Comparatively Nepalese workers are more cost effective and also possess and inherent quality to work even in extreme climatic condition. Therefore, Nepalese workers are best bet and economically advantageous to the employer.

KSA shall identify relevant applicant co-ordinate interviews and finally select the most suitable candidates for your requirements. KSA shall also organize and co-ordinate all related activities, like advertising, trade testing, interviews and any other assistance you might deem necessary. Moreover, KSA can help in major cost savings, like negotiated preferred rates for specialist fields e.g. hotels, hospital etc.

Categories personnel
- Engineers
- Draftsman
- Overseers
- Mechanics
- Fitters
- Mason
- Electrician
- Foreman
- Heavy Vehicle Drivers
- Carpenters
- Crane/Fork lift Drivers
- Helper and Unskilled labour

Hotel Restaurant personal
- Trained and Experienced
- Executive Chiefs
- Cooks
- Captains
- Waiters and utility workers
- Housekeepers
- Roommates
- Bell Boy
- House Boys
- Cleaner
- Accountants and Clerks
- Telephone operators
- Secretaries
- Drivers
- Laundryman
- Electrician
- Plumbers


Super Market Personal
- Managers
- Accountants
- Storekeepers
- Salesman
- Sales Girls
- Helpers
- Butchers

Hospital Personnel's
- Doctors
- Nurses
- Staff Assistants
- Health Assistants
- Helpers

Security Guards
- Personal Body Guards
- Presidential Security Guards
- Embassy Security Guards
- Bank and Industrial Security Guards

- Security Workers
- Shipyard Guards
- Dock Workers

Landscape and Irrigation
- Agriculture Engineer
- Irrigation Engineer
- Supervisor
- Foreman
- Gardener / Labours

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