What we require from you?

1. Letter: Addressing to his Excellency “Authorization The consular General” of respected High commission of Embassies for the existing Embassies or High Commission addresses (Where the block visa has been sent) authorizing: “KSA” holding License No.175\056\057 Lalitpur, Nepal
2. Power of Attorney: Authorizing “KSA” to be true attorney and agent in Nepal.
3. Demand Letter: Address to “KSA” Mentioning number of workers required in each category with salary duty hours and other benefits.
4. Visa slip\ Government Approval: Photocopy of the visa slip is required if the block visa is for multi-nationals and if the block visa is for a Nepalese national only then the “Original” is required.
5. Company Registration (C.R) Copy: One copy (Photostats) is required.
6. Employment Contract
7. Guarantee Letter
8. Affadtive (for Malaysia only)
9. Agreement between two companies about terms and condition of the recruiting process.
10. Letter Addressing to Ministry of Labour and Transport authorizing KSA. For the recruiting process.

Note: The entire document should be attested by respected countries Government or by Chamber of Commerce.

We always welcome your kind enquires regarding the recruitment of Nepalese workers.

We can assure you that with a team of professional having vast experience in the field we will be able to meet the requirements as per specified standers and your utmost satisfaction.
Download Pdf of Required Document ( for Dubai )

Download Pdf of Required Document ( for Malaysia )
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